1:1 private yoga classes

Private yoga classes are tailored to suit your own individual requirements. Private yoga lessons allow you personal, one-on-one time to ask as many questions as you like about your practice, movement, focus, alignment, breathing, meditation, relaxation – whatever you need that day. You can choose when and where to practice, at a park, in your home, in your garden, at your office, or anywhere that feels right. I will provide the equipment necessary for your private yoga lesson. Any space big enough for a yoga mat is perfect.

Private yoga classes might be appropriate if you:

  • Are uncomfortable in group classes
  • Want to work through obstacles in your practice
  • Need therapeutic attention
  • Are getting started with yoga, especially if classes seem overwhelming or intimidating
  • Are focusing on personal goals
  • Want to create a personalised schedule
  • Feel that your practice has plateaued
  • Have had an injury or have health concerns
  • Keep encountering the same blocks or problems
    Rates start at £50 for a one-hour session.

You are also welcome to have a small group of up to 3 people attend the class and share the cost. Prices start from £50 but may vary depending on location. Please contact Amelia for further information.